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About Us

About Us

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Pillingo. Pillingo is a pillow that combines comfort and learning in one unique product.  The pillow helps in introducing your child to a foreign language. The two current languages are Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language). More languages will be added.

The idea for Pillingo was planted from another product that I have been blessed to create in the spring of 2015. That product is Brainyball and it is a soccer ball that helps a child and/or adult learn a foreign language while playing. I always wanted to use the same concept and apply it to different products. Fast foreword to April 1st 2016 and I got a jolt from Duolingo, who created an april fools joke and someone placed it on ProductHunt. The product, which is a joke by the way, is a pillow that helps you learn a language overnight. When I saw it, I laughed and my mind instantly made the connections of how to take the Brainyball concept to another product. So, I immediately started to work on the project and have not only secured a name and created a website, I have created pillows of multiple languages. There will be more languages added in the near future. I hope that you enjoy and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

– Murice Damion Miller, Founder

About the Founder

I am a husband, a father, an author and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. I currently live in Moab, Utah, and I am a photographer with the Moab Sun News and the Moab Area Real Estate Magazine. I am also fortunate to be an employee of the City of Moab as a custodian and an Admin Assistant of the aquatic center. I have also started an online Mall (Moabmall.com) for my small, but very large town. I live by the slogan, “Pray Hard while working hard”.

murice damion miller
Murice Damion Miller

Pillingo is a product of MoabMall, llc. A registered and licensed business in Moab, UT.


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